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The Parfumeur d'intérieur

At the avant-garde of home fragrance design

Contents: The Parfumeur d'Intérieur®, charger & plugs, user guide and a capsule of Figue

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Select the fragrance composition that you desire from our 16 capsules of pure "essences de parfum".  Slide the capsule in Le Parfumeur d’Intérieur® to play each of its notes.

You desire another atmosphere instantly? Eject the capsule at any time, even when it is in use, you can reuse it again at any time. The capsules remain airtight between usages and are fully recyclable.


The olfactory intelligence and sensitivity of Le Parfumeur d’Intérieur® is concealed in its heart. 

A patented Piezo Electric nebulization technology, invented by ÊVERIE, emits 200.000 vibratory waves per second so as to delicately transform the pure perfume in a dry cold mist with no gases or burning for diffusion. 

A microprocessor quietly rhythms the flow of the fragrance waves so as to send them smoothly and intangibly through any room.The symbiosis of this "haute" technology with the hermetically sealed capsules keeps the complexity of all the notes of the perfume intact at all time, for a high fidelity olfactory experience that is true to the creation of our perfumers


Purity, authenticity and elegance- the keywords of inspiration from which our French master perfumers have created 16 unique and subtle "essences de parfum", composed from rare and high quality ingredients.

You can choose from 4 main perfume families: oriental, fruity, floral, woody.

In order to protect you and your environment we only use pure perfumes, without any added solvents.


The Parfumeur d'Intérieur® can be programmed with a touch of your finger. An intuitive and simple touch screen menu lets you manage the fragrance experience, precisely as you desire it to be.

Just touch the Parfumeur d'Intéieur® and the menu options show. Adapt the intensity and duration of your perfume signature, eject capsules or check capsule- and battery levels. Once finished the menu icons will disappear so that the purity and elegance of the design is not disturbed.

Infinitely nomadic, the Parfumeur d’Intérieur® requires no batteries nor needs a continuous electrical connection. Just charge it with its charger, disconnect it and you can place it anywhere you like.

The Parfumeur d’Intérieur® can perfume small spaces from 100 square feet up to large spaces of 1500 square feet.